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For over 10 years A&M Agricultural service Ltd has been on a mission to engineer the best liquid fertilizer products while safeguarding your crops, the soil, and the environment. This has required a relentless passion for research and innovation. Every scientific breakthrough we’ve had has been tested in the lab and in the field.

Our research facility has over 1000 tillable acres and is tested against other liquid fertilizer and dry industrial standard fertilizer products – A&M Agricultural service Ltd comes out on top, enabling us to produce more food with less applied fertilizer.

Quality, service and punctuality are our speciality.

Our philosophy is to deliver the highest quality of products, with on time shipments and competitive prices, always providing the best customer service experience.

What  fertilizers products are right for my farm?

When you combine the right nutrients at the right time you are going to use less fertilizer and get better results. However, our process takes a little more thought than slapping down some 10-34-0 and calling it a day.

What farmers have to say about A&M Agricultural service Ltd

“I noticed lateral limb development in the trees which means more bearing surface for fruit production…you can actually measure the difference.”
Milton Knouse
“I used more material this year, but I almost doubled my yield. It’s been a phenomenal year for yield.”
Anothony Herring, Field Manager, Kuhn Orchards
“Using the product eNhance, with our nitrogen program, has allowed us to significantly reduce the amount of nitrogen applied to our crop each year,” said Jake. “Responsible Nutrient Management is a critical element of our goal for sustainable farming.”
Jake Wenger, Wenger Ranch
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Apply Less, Expect More

Our  fertilizers are scientifically engineered to enable your plants to utilize more nutrition during their growth cycle. Due to this fact our recommendation for nutrition may be less than what you’re used to while delivering you better results. Let us design a superior plan that still fits your fertilization budget.

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